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The Congresses


The Congress of Future Medical Leaders and the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders are tuition-driven, honors-only events held for America’s high-achieving high school students with a passion for leadership, medicine, science or technology.


Inspiring the young people at each Congress are luminaries of their fields, as well as leaders from government and the public sector. Congress mentors include Nobel Laureates, top university deans, leaders in medical research and cutting-edge technology, as well as leaders from private industry and from across all fields. See Mentors and Leadership.


All attendees are named as Delegates by their teachers, or the Academy, based on proven academic excellence and demonstrated desire study medicine, the sciences or leadership. Each Congress has strict academic requirements and students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA (or equivalent) to be nominated.


Places in each Congress are reserved for students on full academic scholarship who are selected by their teacher or guidance counselor for their leadership ability, academic achievement, and dedication. In addition, the Academies are proud to offer partial scholarships for students based on financial need.


Above all, at the Congress students feel the transformative energy of being surrounded by thousands of young stars just like them: America’s best and brightest. Congress Delegates begin long-term friendships with those who share their dreams and passion – other young people who want to make a difference in the world and devote their future to making the world a better place.


Following the close of the Congress, students remain members of the sponsoring Academy, where they will continue to be mentored and assisted in achieving their dreams.



Ultimate Med Internship (UMI)


The Ultimate Med Internship is a unique two-week program overseas that gives high school students interested in the medical field a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience something they cannot here in the United States…


UMI incorporates the “Big 3” — the most unique and sought after experiences an aspiring future doctor can have to prepare for a future in medicine.


The “Big 3”:

  • The ability to spend time in the gross anatomy lab working on full human cadavers;
  • The opportunity to be in the operating room or observation deck viewing surgery and talking to the physicians;
  • The privilege of shadowing physicians in the emergency room, clinic and office while they treat patients and perform procedures.


UMI is a deep-dive into the real life, day-to-day experiences of real doctors and patients.  UMI students participate right along side doctors as well as gain access to patients and hospital grounds.  UMI is truly an adventure of a life time and an opportunity that exists no where else.

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