Total Number of Students Impacted


“I’m doing this to empower high achieving students and to motivate them to keep going no matter what! They deserve to be recognized for their achievements and plugging them into a network of people that will help them along their path!!! My son LOVED it!”


– Michelle, Parent Ambassador

“My son was very inspired by & excited after Congress. I was a high achieving science/tech student that did not have some of these opportunities and let go of some dreams because of that lack of inspiration & encouragement. I don’t want this generation to make that mistake.”


– Belinda, Parent Ambassador

“My daughter almost missed the opportunity because we were told it was a scam and to throw the paperwork away. I want to let them know how great it is.”


– Claudette, Parent Ambassador

“I live in a rural area and I want to broaden students horizons and expose them to like-minded peers and show them there is a world outside of this small town!”


– Kelly, Parent Ambassador

“I want to share this with kids from all walks of life! I wish this had been around when I was in High school!!!!”


– Debby, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this because my son and I both were inspired and motivated by the Congress. It helped confirm some decisions about his future.”


– Philandra, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this because I want other homeschoolers to have the same opportunity my son had with the Congress.”


– Pat, Parent Ambassador

“I want people to try it for themselves and not believe the internet scam madness. People are unaware and have little information and I want to inform the Educators.”


– Khadija, Parent Ambassador

“I’m doing this because this is not just an opportunity for me, but for my community. There is a huge need to make these program available to kids of color.”


– Ana Maria, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this because the Congress had a huge impact on my daughter and not many people in my area are even aware of this and would benefit from a great experience.”


– Bingman, Parent Ambassador

“I am a Mom and a teacher and this is a magical program that everyone should be exposed to!”


– Amy, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this because my daughter loved this experience. We had never heard of this before and I think it is an exceptional opportunity for kids to learn. As a teacher, I thought this was a wonderful experience and I fully support the cause. I think that this is a valuable experience for everyone!”


– Pam, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this to help other kids meet their dreams. I want parents to know this is awesome and not a scam.”


– Parent Ambassador

“I am a college professor in STEM, and I am a Scoutmaster with a STEM group, so I want to reach my Homeschoolers and public school”


– Curtis, Parent Ambassador

“Seeing the confidence my son found and the freedom he felt in talking to his fellow Delegates was wonderful! The more scientists we have the better.”


– Matthew, Parent Ambassador

“The Congress both cemented and energized my sons desire to pursue medicine. Our school has many accelerated students, and I want to present the opportunity to others.”


– Wayne, Parent Ambassador

“I’m in for this because I believe every child deserves to be exposed to great things like this.”


– Claudia, Parent Ambassador

“I’m doing this because I want students to explore and interact with other kids from different states.”


– Latesha, Parent Ambassador

“I believe in the Congress and what it stands for, what it is trying to accomplish. Getting this opportunity in front of as many kids as possible is what I’m aiming to achieve.”


– Joel, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this because it is the most impactful to guide young talented minds. I saw it with my kid. It is very inspirational and they need this program to hear. You had a very nice combination of speakers leaders and life coaches that can inspire the teenagers fully.”


– Yesim, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this because our children are our future. We will be sending on them to solve hard problems in the years to come. I want all children to have the best chance at success in making a difference.”


– Parent Ambassador

“I want to help other children to be exposed to the wealth of knowledge that my son experienced as well as get to experience the motivational speakers and meet other children with like minds.”


– Tasha, Parent Ambassador

“I am doing this to give back to the kids! I am a parent, engineer and PTSA President. I want to help develop future leaders.”


– Pamela, Parent Ambassador



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