Congress of Future Collegiate and Professional Athletes


Congress of Future Collegiate and Professional Athletes

National Academy of Future Collegiate and Professional Athletes’ inaugural Congress of Future Collegiate and Professional Athletes will be held in June of 2019. The Congress is a highly-selective national program that is reserved for students who possess the athletic drive, determination to succeed, and desire to compete at an elite level.

The Congress teaches young athletes how to prepare themselves mentally and physically. They will learn the step-by-step secrets to success and how to get an edge and advantage over other aspiring athletes. The Congress will demystify what it takes to be a high-level athlete and help young athletes and their parents create a roadmap to reach their full potential.


Inspiring the young people at the Congress will be legends in the sports world will be:


  • Olympic medal winners
  • World record holders
  • Professional athletes, and
  • Accomplished rising star teen athletes.


Also mentoring the students at the Congress will be:


  • Experts in nutrition, body composition and orthopedic development
  • Specialty trainers who are able to manipulate known physical training limits through state of the art science and technology, and
  • Sports psychologists who can prepare athletes to have a developed mental fortitude.

Congress Delegates will begin long-term friendships with those who share their dreams and passion – other young people who want to achieve the very best in their sport.  Congress Delegates will represent many sports so that athletes from different disciplines can learn from each other and get beyond the vertical perspective of their sport alone.

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