FutureDocs Abroad

All Access Medical Internships That Allow High School Students and College Students to Finally Access Gross Anatomy, Surgery and Shadowing of Doctors.

The “Big 3” are the most unique and sought-after experiences an aspiring future doctor can have to prepare for a future in medicine. The “Big 3” are:

Gross Anatomy Up Close and Personal! Work on and study real human cadavers in the lab.


Observe Surgery – View surgeries taking place in the operating room and discuss the procedure with the surgeon as it’s happening…


Shadow Physicians in the emergency room, clinic and patient rooms as they treat patients and perform procedures.


Bonus: Participants will even have the option to spend time at the morgue, side by side with doctors and pathologists, though let me tell you that’s not for everyone!

These Big 3 unique experiences are what we call “The Real Deal”.


This is not a simulation or a stuffy lecture in a meeting room. It’s not a chat with a doctor or even a bus ride to a research facility somewhere.


It’s real medicine: up-close, hands-on, personal, as it happens.


It’s why most young people become doctors:
– to treat the sick
– to save lives
– to make a real difference
– to serve humanity


It can be stressful, it can be exhausting, it can be heartbreaking, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most exhilarating and uplifting experiences an individual can ever have. This is about hope, inspiration, and the human spirit. But there is a problem and it’s a big problem…

Experiencing “The Big 3” in the United States used to be difficult but now it’s almost impossible.


Why? Because of our privacy laws, insurance rules and lawyers at hospitals and medical schools that don’t want to risk a lawsuit.


But overseas it’s a completely different situation, and in many countries, these “Big 3” experiences can be arranged in ways they never could in the US.


Hospitals and medical schools are friendly and open to welcoming young people.


That’s why we created FutureDocs Abroad — to allow a mature group of young people to travel on an overseas adventure and spend two weeks experiencing the “Big 3,” 100% hands-on, up-close and personal.


The Real Deal… nothing more, nothing less.

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