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By becoming a member of The National Leadership Academies’ Honorary Board of Educators, educators have the opportunity to recognize, honor and reward their best and brightest high-achieving students aspiring to become the next generation of leaders in the honorable fields of medicine, science, and technology.


Educator nominations will give their students an invaluable head start towards the successes they dream of achieving. There is no obligation as a result of a nomination, either for the educator or the student, only an opportunity to expose students to worthwhile programs that they may not discover on their own.


To nominate students for our all-access internship programs, FutureDocs Abroad and FutureVets, please visit the Internships Nomination Page.


If you are not a member of our Honorary Board of Educators and would like to nominate your students, visit the Educator sign up page.


Alternatively, any educator interested in becoming a member of Honorary Board of Educators and who would like to nominate a student for any program of The National Leadership Academies should contact the Educator Liaison Office directly at (888) 986-6929 or email us at

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