✔︎ IF your child aspires to a career as a physician (M.D.) or medical scientist (Ph.D.), including as a biologist, engineer, software or hardware technologist, or mathematician

✔︎ IF your child is in high school

✔︎ IF your child has a 3.5+ GPA

(this is mandatory; proof will be required)

Then first, please accept our sincere congratulations and thanks for raising a remarkable young person, full of hope and promise for the future. These things don’t just happen, and you should feel great about your role!

Second, because of your child’s status as a high achiever, we would like to mail them information about attending FutureDocs Abroad, a renowned academic summer program designed to help your child get into the college of their choice and get a head start on a career in medicine.

In other words, FutureDocs Abroad is a jump start on the competition, which by the way, is cutthroat.

FutureDocs Abroad is also the travel adventure of a lifetime.

It will take your child to a very safe city in Vietnam next summer for 2 weeks to personally walk into the operating room and peer over the surgeon’s shoulder as he or she is performing surgery. And then do it again. And again. And again. And again.

To stand right next to doctors as they save lives in the emergency room.

To walk with them as they go room to room and examine hospital patients.

To work with them in their offices and out in the field.

And the doctor changes daily, so they are exposed to many different specialties. This is important!

To then go to the local medical school, put on gloves and a white jacket, and work on cadavers with anatomy professors.

It’s intense – its amazing – it’s also…

impossible to do in the US because of our federal patient privacy laws called HIPPAA.

You’re child is forbidden to go near a patient.

Well, we just can’t let that stop us, can we?

After FutureDocs Abroad, you’re child will be a different person — a better person — in so many ways.

More confident — more self assured — more sure that they want to devote their life to medicine and what they want to do.

They will also have a big competitive advantage in college and med school admission.

This is a very small program that fills very very quickly.

Please click the button below and we will mail a briefing package of information to your child immediately.

Congratulations once again on your child’s achievements and potential.

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