An experience of a lifetime...


Hue, Vietnam
Program 1: June 28-July 13, 2025
Program 2: July 12-27, 2025


Atenas, Costa Rica
August 3-16, 2025

**If you’re a Congress of Future Medical Leaders alumni, please email before enrolling.**

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FutureDocs Abroad and FutureVets puts students into an intense medical environment overseas, where every single day they are taking part in exactly the same activities that third- and fourth-year medical students experience as they observe physicians and veterinarians. It allows passionate and qualified students an opportunity to experience right now what they’ve only been able to imagine!

Gross anatomy – in the anatomy lab working with a professor, learning about the anatomy and proper dissection of cadavers, and practicing those dissection techniques on full cadavers.

Observing surgery – spending hours and hours with  surgeons watching surgeries, debriefing with them, and understanding exactly what life in the operating room is like.

Shadowing physicians – going out into the wards, emergency room, clinics, and spending time with physicians/veterinarians across dozens of specialties to truly understand what it’s like to be a doctor. Watching them interact with patients, handle real-life situations, and administering treatment.

A global view of medicine – an invaluable perspective that students may not have the chance to witness before medical school and one that is extremely important. Seeing and understanding how medicine is practiced differently and with different tools and resources in another country will give students an appreciation for medicine that simply cannot be found in the United States.

Students’ passion, commitment, focus, knowledge, and vision for what they want to do in medicine, and their determination to never give up will be secured.

FutureDocs Abroad and FutureVets do NOT happen in the United States because of our privacy laws and insurance regulations that restrict high school and undergraduate students from experiencing “the Big 3,” in which used to be difficult, but now it’s almost impossible.