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Find Out How You Could Be Part of the Honors Program that Takes Elite Undergraduate Students Overseas to Experience Real Medicine As You’ve Never Seen it Before.

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In the operating room, viewing real surgeries taking place, with the surgeon explaining the procedure as it’s being performed.


Work in the anatomy lab with an anatomy professor, learning about the anatomy and proper dissection of human cadavers, and practicing dissection techniques on animal parts.


In the Emergency Room, clinics, and wards in over a dozen areas of specialty (pediatrics, oncology, surgery, orthopedics, OB/GYN, and more).


An Intensive Two-Week Program in a Medical School and Hospital
Qualified students will have the opportunity to participate in a minimum of 12 different medical rotations. In each rotation, students are given the privileges to be able to work side by side with doctors, actively care for patients, and learn about medicine up close and scrubbed in – just like senior medical students.

Strictly 3.5 GPA Students
Students will be surrounded only by peers right up to their level of intelligence and commitment. Not only is this a very small program, but it is accessible to an even smaller group. FutureDocs Abroad brings only the best and most prepared students to the table.

Opportunity to Earn TWO (2) College Credits
Because of the incredible educational value and unique nature of FutureDocs Abroad and the caliber of the attendees, each student has the opportunity to earn two (2) college credits, offered by Bottega University. These optional credits are available for an additional cost and upon completion of additional coursework.

Sightseeing and Tourist Excursions
Sightseeing excursions will be planned to experience the local culture. On top of everything FutureDocs Abroad has to offer, you have the chance to explore an incredible European city that is home to one of Poland’s most famous historical towns. Local transportation is provided but students should bring spending money.

Internship Certificate
Upon completion, your child will also receive a personalized FutureDocs Abroad Achievement and Leadership Certificate suitable for framing and copying to include in medical school admissions packets.

Safety and Security
The safety and security of our students is the most important thing to us. We know how scary it can be to travel overseas, especially if it’s your first time. We have a lot of experience keeping students safe and happy. Our staff and students are all trained to follow strict precautions and safety measures.