FutureDocs Abroad Specialty Programs

Designed For Future Surgeons or Family Physicians

What is the FDA Specialty Program?

The FutureDocs Abroad Specialty Program is a unique opportunity for students to travel to Hue, Vietnam on July 13-28, 2024, to focus on either surgery or family medicine. Designed for students fully committed to becoming a surgeon or family physician, this specialty program is tailored for those with a genuine passion for these professions.

This program provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience well before entering medical school. Students in this program will have the chance to closely shadow and emulate the professional journey of either surgeons or family physicians, gaining invaluable insights into the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of these medical specialties.

What You'll Experience...

A Distinctive Academic Experience: While students will share accommodations, dine, and engage in cultural integrations together with existing FDA students, their academic journey will be distinctly different. The specialized track offers a daily schedule that combines classroom lectures, hospital observations, and interactive group discussions to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Lectures with Distinguished Professors: Each day, students on the specialized track will start with lectures delivered by distinguished professors, many of whom are practicing physicians, at Hue UMP. These sessions, held in classroom environments, will cover case studies, various treatment techniques, videos and images, and challenging tests to ensure a thorough understanding of the material before moving to rotations.

Real-world Application in Hospital Settings: Following lunch and a brief decompression, students will return to the hospital to witness and apply the knowledge gained during the morning lectures. For those specializing in surgery, this may involve scrubbing in to observe specific surgeries or shadowing doctors during patient recovery. For the family medicine specialty, experiences could range from visiting the pediatric ward to observing scheduled c-sections.

Evening Reflections and Group Discussions: Students on the specialty track will convene in small groups each evening to share their experiences and key takeaways. These collaborative reflection sessions aim to deepen their understanding and foster meaningful connections with fellow students.

Spaces in these programs are extremely limited, with only 10 spots available for the surgery specialty track and 10 spots available for the family medicine specialty track.
If you are already enrolled in the FDA Summer 2024 program and you would like to switch to a specialty track, please email admissions@allaccessmed.com.