FutureDocs Abroad

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania: July 20th - August 4th, 2024

Welcome to your student portal for the FutureDocs Abroad 2024 program in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania!

We are delighted to welcome you to FutureDocs Abroad, an extraordinary opportunity to experience medicine in its purest form. You will meet patients, shadow doctors, work in the anatomy lab, observe surgery, and immerse yourself in the vibrant blend of traditions, languages, and customs that reflect Tanzanian culture.

Dar es Salaam is a bustling and dynamic metropolis that serves as Tanzania’s economic and cultural hub. As you arrive in the city, you’ll notice a mix of modern skyscrapers, colonial-era architecture, and traditional markets, providing a glimpse into its diverse history and development. The country’s culture is deeply influenced by its diverse ethnic groups, including the Swahili, Chaga, Sukuma, Maasai, and many more, each contributing their unique practices and beliefs. Tanzanian music, dance, and art play a significant role in daily life, reflecting the country’s cultural heritage. You are sure to find many things to love during your two weeks there.

Clinical rotations take place at The Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital, a non-profit charitable hospital located in Dar es Salaam. It was founded in 1964 by the Shree Hindu Mandal, a community organization of Hindus in Tanzania. The hospital provides a wide range of medical services staffed by a team of qualified doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, including general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, internal medicine, ophthalmology, and more. The Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital is a vital resource for the people of Dar es Salaam. It provides affordable and accessible healthcare to people of all backgrounds, regardless of their ability to pay. The hospital also plays an important role in training healthcare professionals in Tanzania.

Before we take off on our journey together, you will need to become fully oriented with the contents of this student portal. The most important step is to click the ‘Onboarding‘ tab and complete all of the required items within that section as soon as possible. Any information we request is necessary and time sensitive. The second step is to review the ‘Handbook‘ tab. The handbook houses detailed information relevant to the program and students are encouraged to review the handbook multiple times in the leadup to the program as we will update it regularly. The final step is to take a look at the ‘General Resources‘ tab for additional information on the program.